Presentation Winners

Melissa Irizarry, Plant Pathology and Microbiology (Dr. Daren Mueller and Dr. Steve Whitham)

Presentation: Understanding Soybean Vein Necrosis Virus in Iowa

Syed Maaz Gardezi, Sociology

Presentation: Who will represent societal interests as the U.S. government steps back from agricultural advice? Evidence from Michigan's public and private sectors

Kelly Abdelmassih, Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management (Dr. Susan Wohlsdorf-Arendt and Dr. Laskshman Rajagopal)

Presentation: The relationship between dietetic students' mathematical anxiety, self-efficacy and performance

Christine Hutchison, Food Science and Human Nutrition (Dr. James Hollis)

Presentation: Starch on subjective appetite and food intake in health adults